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Aluminum deer feeders
Early Outdoors

Early Outdoors

Early outdoors Aluminum Deer Feeders 

Early Outdoors aluminum deer feeders are pound for pound the lightest deer feeders on the market Guaranteed!  And you wont find anything like them in any other sporting goods stores. Our 300#, 600# and 1000# aluminum deer feeder hoppers are constructed out of .090 5052 Marine grade aluminum and the legs are 1.5" sch 40 aluminum pipe. All of our joints and seams are fully TIG welded(nothing is riveted together like other brands)Also all of our wiring is housed inside the feeder making it Impossible to be tampered with. They also come with Eliminator spinners, 12V solar panel and a Plan B Timer(The plan B Timer is manufactured by the same company as the Timer timer. The difference is that it has 4 feedings instead of 6 and has no internal battery). Our Road Feeders come with an Eliminator spinner, 12v motor and trigger switch. These feeders are constructed from a full .125 inch 5052 aluminum plate to give it more ruggedness because we know you are going to toss it around in the back of the truck and running into things(accidentally). 

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